4 Fun Chemistry Facts You Didn’t Know

There are many fun chemistry facts out there. So, we thought we’d share a few with you in today’s blog post. While you may know a few, we’re hoping you’ll at least learn one new fact to share with your friends – talk about being the most interesting person in the room!

So, without further ado, here are four fun chemistry facts you most likely didn’t know.

You can die from drinking too much water

To kick off our list of interesting and fun chemistry facts, we have a rather terrifying thought: dying from drinking too much water. You would have to consume a high volume of liquid, upwards of four liters in an hour or so to begin to experience symptoms.

Despite this, for most of us, this is something we do not need to worry about. Nonetheless, it is a fun fact… well, at least we think it is!

Radioactive and nuclear elements actually glow in the dark

That’s right! It’s not just a thing from the Simpsons, radioactive elements actually glow in the dark. While we hope you don’t find yourself face to face with radioactive elements (unless this is your job), it is good to know and another fun chemistry fact!

Oh, and maybe don’t go too close or you’ll end up with three eyes. Also just kidding. Kinda.

Glass is not a solid – glass is a liquid

A fun chemistry fact that may shock you is that glass is not solid – it is in fact, a liquid. That’s right! However, as the glass molecules flow very slowly, this means they will not shatter or change shape. Often, this state is known as being amorphous (somewhere between the two: a solid and a liquid.  

Helium is lighter than air

Our final fun chemistry fact is that helium balloons float because helium (also present in all the stars and abundant throughout the universe) is lighter than air. This causes it to float, a slight illusion but yet again, another fun science fact. So yes, unfortunately, it is not magic that causes helium balloons to float!

To conclude our fun chemistry facts

This article has provided you with four fun chemistry facts. Whether you knew these facts already or not, they are fun to know! Besides, maybe you’ll even re-use these in a pub quiz. Or, perhaps you’ll choose to freak your friends out with the water fact.

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