D-Biotin – A B vitamin involved in a wide range of metabolic processes

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"Biotin, also called vitamin B7, is one of the B vitamins. It is involved in a wide range of metabolic processes, both in humans and in other organisms, primarily related to the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. The name biotin derives from the Greek word “bios” (to live) and the suffix “-in” (a general chemical suffix used in organic chemistry). A sulfur-containing vitamin that plays a role in numerous carboxylation and deamination reactions. Growth factor that plays a role in numerous naturally occurring carboxylation reactions." See prices below.

Catalog Number RB8570
Chemical Structure The chemical structure of D-Biotin – A B vitamin involved in a wide range of metabolic processes
PDB Structure ID 1WPY
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Osaka_Univ-OUF00130
OpenAlex ID C2778204606
PDB Structure ID 3EFR
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Fiocruz-FIO00016
SPLASH splash10-05xs-1920000000-3be430b63e9c748c681a
Bibliothèque Nationale De France ID 12266299x
PDB Structure ID 2IZI
Guide To Pharmacology Ligand ID 4787
Found In Taxon Homo sapiens
Part Of response to biotin
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-BGC_Munich-RP021912
Has Part(s) carbon
SPLASH splash10-0002-9000000000-f45f789bddd779864ffb
SPLASH splash10-0006-9000000000-d08e1b3709844e1e91b0
SPLASH splash10-0006-0190000000-21d0f2512788276bbb89
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Fiocruz-FIO00021
SPLASH splash10-0006-9400000000-107f2a44f521c2513578
PDB Structure ID 3WYP
SPLASH splash10-014l-0090700000-d2155509f7f5ada8fee6
Treccani ID biotina
Has Part(s) oxygen
Has Part(s) hydrogen
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO000354
ECHA Substance Infocard ID 100.000.363
SPLASH splash10-0006-0090000000-2ace3950a502b7b51f28
Reaxys Registry Number 86838
Different From Biotene
PDB Structure ID 1SWN
PDB Structure ID 4GGZ
PDB Structure ID 3MG5
Safety Classification And Labelling NFPA 704: Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response
SPLASH splash10-0fxx-3920000000-f0b9613cbd9371e4be92
PDB Structure ID 4WVP
PDB Structure ID 2AVI
PDB Structure ID 1NDJ
PubChem CID 171548
PDB Structure ID 2ZSC
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-BGC_Munich-RP021901
National Library Of Israel J9U ID 987007282690405171
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO008885
UMLS CUI C0005575
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO000353
PDB Structure ID 4GDA
SPLASH splash10-004i-0090000000-0f7bf9434ae86288325e
PDB Structure ID 2UYW
Found In Taxon Artemia salina
PDB Structure ID 1BDO
Instance Of type of chemical entity
Great Russian Encyclopedia Online ID (old Version) 1867844
Has Part(s) sulfur
NDF-RT ID N0000146018
CosIng Number 32188
PDB Structure ID 1SWK
PDB Structure ID 1SWR
PDB Structure ID 4LOC
PDB Structure ID 3EW2
Great Russian Encyclopedia Portal ID biotin-1436a1
PDB Structure ID 1N43
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-BGC_Munich-RP021911
PDB Structure ID 3D9L
PDB Structure ID 2EJF
DrugCentral ID 373
NL CR AUT ID ph318925
PDB Structure ID 2C4I
Microsoft Academic ID 2778204606
PDB Structure ID 2RTG
Gmelin Number 1918703
SPLASH splash10-0006-0090000000-bcffb0dcf77e8fd727a4
PDB Structure ID 2EJ9
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Fiocruz-FIO00019
PDB Structure ID 4JNJ
SPLASH splash10-0002-0090000000-3caae7fec17d0914c6aa
Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID science/biotin
WordNet 3.1 Synset ID 15117217-n
DSSTOX Compound Identifier DTXCID102679
PDB Structure ID 2GH7
SPLASH splash10-004i-1590000000-a16a26fc2f2cb15db60f
SPLASH splash10-0ar1-1920000000-c298be862857cb3bbc7f
SPLASH splash10-05bb-0090000000-a876482faac304e48dfd
Subclass Of heterocyclic compound
NALT ID 14213
Has Characteristic hygroscopy
PDB Structure ID 1SWG
PDB Structure ID 2DXT
Freebase ID /m/0f4ml
PDB Structure ID 1SWD
PDB Structure ID 2UZ2
EC Number 200-399-3
PDB Structure ID 2RTF
PDB Structure ID 4Q6S
PDB Structure ID 2RTE
PDB Structure ID 1XNY
InChI InChI=1S/C10H16N2O3S/c13-8(14)4-2-1-3-7-9-6(5-16-7)11-10(15)12-9/h6-7,9H,1-5H2,(H,13,14)(H2,11,12,15)/t6-,7-,9-/m0/s1
Has Use medication
RxNorm ID 1588
MeSH Tree Code D03.383.129.308.080
BNCF Thesaurus ID 51225
KEGG ID C00120
PDB Structure ID 3RY2
PDB Structure ID 4Q96
PDB Structure ID 3RDO
SPLASH splash10-004i-0090000000-ce581561c6acbdbbd1f5
PDB Structure ID 2C1Q
ATC Code A11HA05
SPLASH splash10-0f76-3960000000-a8a94e2de123f66979d8
Found In Taxon Lysinibacillus sphaericus
PDB Structure ID 2EJG
SPLASH splash10-004i-0090000000-529dcddb8c4b19dac954
SPLASH splash10-0006-0190000000-016eb89528e564c74720
PDB Structure ID 3WZN
SPLASH splash10-0006-0090000000-6b5031dbcb0b9bbf7a94
SPLASH splash10-0f76-1960000000-b21ddd69490cac3254f8
Found In Taxon Achromobacter
Has Part(s) nitrogen
PDB Structure ID 2FYK
PDB Structure ID 4BJ8
Römpp Online ID RD-02-01589
PDB Structure ID 2Y3F
PDB Structure ID 2DTO
PDB Structure ID 2BDO
PDB Structure ID 1SWE
PDB Structure ID 3G8C
PDB Structure ID 1SWT
Quora Topic ID Biotin
SPLASH splash10-0002-9000000000-ad60a266b43ae8da1fe9
PDB Structure ID 3O34
PDB Structure ID 3SZJ
PDB Structure ID 3T2W
National Library Of Latvia ID 000328976
Mass 244.088163372
GND ID 4145654-3
PDB Structure ID 2IZH
Melting Point 230
SPLASH splash10-0002-0090000000-7f57dbffe51680ce78ec
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO000355
PDB Structure ID 3IB9
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-BGC_Munich-RP021913
PDB Structure ID 1DF8
SPLASH splash10-05bb-0090000000-8019efa744d2eed327bc
SPLASH splash10-060a-1900000000-11a5d4190980b5a6935f
NSC Number 758208
CAS Registry Number 58-85-5
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-BGC_Munich-RP021903
DeCS ID 1734
PDB Structure ID 4IRW
SPLASH splash10-0006-1090000000-e6e6f5eba4bc1e3a663b
PDB Structure ID 1F27
Medical Condition Treated inherited metabolic disorder
PDB Structure ID 2IZF
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO008883
KNApSAcK ID C00000756
SPLASH splash10-0f6x-0390000000-c209523d36e9a7681f44
Natural Product Atlas ID NPA013155
PDB Structure ID 1VQN
DSSTox Substance ID DTXSID7022679
ChemSpider ID 149962
SPLASH splash10-0udj-0790000000-e3ab34034e4a1436d9e5
PDB Structure ID 1KQS
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO008884
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-MetaboLights-ML002751
Den Store Danske ID biotin
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO008882
ChEBI ID 15956
Found In Taxon Aspergillus nidulans
PDB Structure ID 1VQ6
SPLASH splash10-004i-0090000000-dc0eab55f5142ace60e6
Subclass Of alkaloid
PDB Structure ID 1Y55
Stereoisomer Of AC1NST2B
Probes And Drugs ID PD010231
WikiSkripta Article ID 7948
PDB Structure ID 1STP
PDB Structure ID 4BBO
SPLASH splash10-066s-1920000000-c9a2974ea8993d93f485
PDB Structure ID 3V8K
PDB Structure ID 4DVE
PDB Structure ID 3RDM
PDB Structure ID 2B8G
PDB Structure ID 1SWP
Part Of cellular response to biotin
Found In Taxon Phycomyces blakesleeanus
Canonical SMILES C1C2C(C(S1)CCCCC(=O)O)NC(=O)N2
CAB ID 64642
PDB Structure ID 2ZGW
PDB Structure ID 3RKY
PDB Structure ID 2RTD
PDB Structure ID 1N9M
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO000352
PDB Structure ID 4EKV
WikiProjectMed ID Biotin
SPLASH splash10-074j-2900000000-e841b569650afc851aa0
PDB Structure ID 1LUQ
PDB Structure ID 2IZG
SPLASH splash10-014l-0090800000-24e43828de1b88e1e935
Cannabis Database ID 004786
CSD Refcode BIOTIN01
PDB Structure ID 3T6F
PDB Structure ID 4MFE
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Fiocruz-FIO00018
SPLASH splash10-0006-1090000000-3ab989e56fc423c03d89
PatientsLikeMe Treatment ID biotin
Found In Taxon Escherichia coli
Found In Taxon Lipomyces starkeyi
Chemical Formula C₁₀H₁₆N₂O₃S
Subject Has Role vitamin B
Microsoft Academic ID 2909775414
PDB Structure ID 4GD9
PDB Structure ID 1MK5
UniChem Compound ID 173316
PDB Structure ID 2JGS
Isomeric SMILES C1[C@H]2[C@@H]([C@@H](S1)CCCCC(=O)O)NC(=O)N2
Part Of biotin transmembrane transporter activity
PDB Structure ID 1HXD
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Keio_Univ-KO000351
PDB Structure ID 2F01
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-MetaboLights-ML002701
SPLASH splash10-004i-0090000000-5b10fe54708d7ca5c408
SPLASH splash10-000t-0900000000-cdc4a4c359ff765fd32d
KEGG ID D00029
Human Metabolome Database ID HMDB0000030
PDB Structure ID 4BCS
PDB Structure ID 2DTH
Found In Taxon Caenorhabditis elegans
PDB Structure ID 1WBI
SPLASH splash10-0udj-0690000000-97a9e3f73a85c143afd1
PDB Structure ID 1BIB
PDB Structure ID 3EFS
PDB Structure ID 1NQM
Subclass Of carboxylic acid
YSO ID 25573
PDB Structure ID 2IZJ
SPLASH splash10-0006-0090000000-c0f81ee86772310db415
MeSH Descriptor ID D001710
Found In Taxon Phaseolus vulgaris
PDB Structure ID 1MEP
PDB Structure ID 3WYQ
PDB Structure ID 1Y52
CCDC Number 1111310
Stereoisomer Of 5-[(3aS,4S,6aS)-2-oxo-1,3,3a,4,6,6a-hexahydrothieno[3,4-d]imidazol-4-yl]pentanoic acid
NSC Number 63865
Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID (former Scheme) 0084676
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Fiocruz-FIO00020
PDB Structure ID 1AVD
Library Of Congress Authority ID sh85014267
PDB Structure ID 4Z28
PDB Structure ID 4YVB
Part Of biotin import across plasma membrane
DrugBank ID DB00121
SPLASH splash10-004i-0940000000-54c1616d9935143625fc
Found In Taxon soybean
Subject Has Role primary metabolite
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-BGC_Munich-RP021902
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Fiocruz-FIO00017
MassBank Accession ID MSBNK-Fiocruz-FIO00022
Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID biotina
Subclass Of vitamin B
Krugosvet Article himiya/biotin
MeSH Tree Code D08.211.096
Commons Category Biotin

D-Biotin – A B vitamin involved in a wide range of metabolic processes

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