What Does Chemical Analysis Mean?

Within the field of chemistry and chemical technology, there is what is known as chemical analysis. Chemical analysis is essential, checking our environment for potential risks, including air pollution.

While it may sound fairly straightforward, performing an analysis is actually fairly complex. There is more than one chemical analysis method, with various tests performed to analyze chemicals and their surrounding environments and climates.

So, to provide greater insight on the topic of chemical analysis, this blog post will highlight the different tests and kinds of analysis available, alongside further details.

What are the different types of chemical analysis?

Within chemical analysis, there are two main types: quantitative and qualitative. Both of these analyses are often used in partnership with each other, with qualitative analysis used before qualitative – we will explain why below.

Qualitative analysis

Qualitative analysis is done first to detect whether a substance is present in a sample. The most common test performed is known as the flame test, an inexpensive and relatively straightforward method of detecting metal ions and other chemicals.

Quantitative analysis 

If the qualitative analysis (usually the flame test) detects a substance present in the sample, then next a quantitative analysis is performed. This is done to determine how much of the substance is present. The most common quantitative testing method is known as titration, also performed in the laboratory.

Why is chemical analysis important?

This analysis is not only important, but it’s crucial. This analysis increases the safety of everyday life, including the pollution of the air, the food we ingest, and how safe various manufacturing processes and environments are.

It likely comes as no surprise that the need for chemical engineers is through the roof, especially with rapidly developing global issues including air pollution and climate change, not to mention a fight to create a sustainable future.

To conclude

Chemical analysis is the process of examining chemicals and chemicals present in the environment and/or climate. This is crucial, ensuring these chemicals are safe, and involved in other important processes such as analyzing air pollution. 

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