Why Do People Study Chemistry?

Many people study chemistry for different reasons, whether they are looking for a challenge, are particularly interested in how the world works, or wish to contribute to real ongoing change. Despite this, this article aims to explain why many people decide to study chemistry, perhaps later also landing a job in the popular field.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it. 

People study chemistry to contribute to real change 

To begin with, many people choose to study chemistry in an attempt to contribute to real-world change happening right now in the world. We’re talking about the big issues, such as global warming – a shared problem the planet faces.

Often, those studying chemistry want to help, find new solutions, and contribute to the “new world,” so to say. However, alongside contributing to this real, often “future” change, chemists also tackle modern problems, too. 

To tackle modern problems

Without chemistry, we would face an abundance of modern problems, all of which we most likely take for guaranteed currently. For example, medicine would not be readily available, drinking water would not be safe to drink, and there may even be harmful chemicals in the atmosphere around us. 

This is another reason why many students decide to study chemistry: to tackle these modern problems. Besides, there are so many modern problems, with more and more appearing year by year, that there will always be the need for chemists. 

Chemistry students often challenge themselves 

Following on from our previous point, it is not uncommon to find chemistry students who enjoy challenging themselves. Arguably, chemistry is the hardest scientist, a combination of biology, physics, and mathematics. 

Despite this, this challenge is often what many seek, later contributing to this real-world change and finding new solutions to modern problems, as aforementioned.

Enrich our vision of life 

Finally, we have briefly touched upon this already. However, many chemistry students study to enrich our vision of life. This is done by finding new solutions to problems, and eliminating given day-to-day risks, e.g. providing clean drinking water and other medical solutions to third world countries.

To conclude 

Whatever your reason for studying chemistry, you can rest assured knowing there’s a role for you in the world. And if you’re not studying chemistry, then you likely know a chemist. We hope this article has been informative, helping you better understand the role of one of the most underrated and important jobs of the twenty-first century.

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