Do Chemical Engineers Create Products?

If you don’t know much about chemical engineers, then you may wonder what their main roles include?

Well, this depends on what industry they work in. However, one of the key roles of a chemical engineer is creating products.

This field of products is extensive, ranging from the latest fashion trends to pharmaceutical drugs and the food we eat.

To say they create products is an understatement – they design and test products to ensure they are safe for use and/or consumption.

The remainder of this blog post will explain more about chemical engineers and the many products they are responsible for producing.  

Pharmaceutical drugs

One of the most important products chemical engineers are responsible for creating and testing are pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics. 

Legal drugs undergo a strict manufacturing process, ensuring they are safe for use.

An engineer is responsible throughout all stages of the product, including manufacturing, the packaging, and even the delivery. 

Each stage of production is key as if something is to go wrong; then this may damage valuable antibiotics and other legal drugs which people desperately need.

Chemical engineers are heavily involved in the food industry

Alongside antibiotics, engineers are also heavily involved in the food industry. For example, this includes the production (ensuring it’s safe, e.g. grown in the right environment) or manufactured correctly.

Another key role is the food product’s packaging, ensuring the label is accurate and providing the consumer with reliable information.

Sustainable products are a key research and development point for chemical engineers 

Sustainability is currently a hot topic. Well, chemical engineers are at the forefront of the battle, finding new ways to create sustainable products without sacrificing on quality. 

Examples of sustainable products include vegetarian and vegan food products to high-end fashion.

Oil, gas, and even cleaning products 

Finally, many chemical engineers are involved in the production and maintenance of gas, oil, and cleaning products.

Gas and oil are two incredibly crucial products, both of which go through a thorough testing process.

You guessed it – that’s where the role of an engineer comes in. 

To finish

Many people are unsure about what a chemical engineer does on a daily basis. However, as this article has explained, this type of engineer is involved in the production of many, many different products.

In fact, there are chemical engineers in virtually all industries, ensuring all products are up to standard, safe for use, and tested thoroughly.