Advanced ChemTech

Founded in 1985 in Louisville, Kentucky, Advanced ChemTech (ACT) provides innovative products for research and pharmaceutical markets. Specializing in protected amino acids, coupling reagents, linkers and resins, natural and unusual amino acids and building blocks for the production of peptides; ACT offers contract custom peptide synthesis for both solid and solution phase, including the use of uncommon and modified amino acids. Peptides are delivered in your choice of configurations, modifications and purity.

ACT also builds and distributes the Tetras™ peptide synthesizer, the only asynchronous peptide instrument capable of performing up to 106 independent peptides.

Featured Products from Advanced ChemTech


Tetras Peptide Synthesizer

The Tetras is the only asynchronous multiple peptide instrument available today capable of performing independent peptide synthesis with variable scales, activations, lengths, and sequences.

Modular design, almost zero downtime

32 digitally controlled metering pumps precisely deliver reagents and solvents

Disposable, isolated reaction wells eliminate cross contamination

Variable synthesis scale that can be run in parallel

Remote access software, service engineer always beside you

Flexible, user-defined protocols for each reaction well