How Difficult Is Chemical Engineering?

The role of a chemical engineer can be demanding, mainly depending on your individual role, whether concerned with environmental regulation, research, or the recycling of raw materials to be used and turned into useful, everyday products.

Many people do not know what a chemical engineer does. However, even more, people do not know how difficult a role working in chemical engineering actually is. Therefore, this article will discuss this topic in more detail, hoping to provide a little insight into the sought-after occupation.


For starters, the role of a chemical engineer contains heavy responsibility, especially if you’re involved in environmental regulation. While you will most likely be working with a team, you still play a large part in that ream, developing new substances and materials, and if done correctly, providing solutions to everyday problems and issues.

Lots of studying 

Before becoming a chemical engineer, you will need to study extensively at University. For this reason, the role is not for everyone and is extremely demanding. Furthermore, after University you are expected to continue your studies, remaining up to date on the latest in organic chemistry.

Not only do you require expert knowledge in chemistry, but you also need physics and mathematics, at a minimum degree level. Often, many students study all three of these simultaneously, providing a well-rounded approach as an entry-level or novice engineer.

If you enjoy studying and/or learning, then you will likely experience a very rewarding career as a chemical engineer. 

It’s a role that is in demand

Although chemical engineering is no doubt a difficult and intense job, the role is in heavy demand. Therefore, prior to becoming an engineer, there is fierce competition – you must be willing to work super hard, determined to secure an internship, or at the very least, put yourself out there for employers to see.

Chemical engineering is not your typical 9-5

Finally, chemical engineering is not your typical 9-5. Many engineers frequently do much longer shifts, sometimes working all night to solve an equation or come up with new solutions to be used in the real world.

Despite this, it is a very rewarding job with a fantastic job market.

You can also find out more about Advanced ChemTech if you would like, providing further insight into the role.

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