What Amino Acids Can Your Body Not Live Without?

Amino acids, also known as the building blocks of life, are essential in everyday life; without them, we would be unable to function correctly. For example, essential amino acids play huge roles, including tissue growth, energy production, and immune system function. 

In total, there are twenty amino acids that make up the proteins found in the body. However, which ones are essential for everyday life and which our bodies cannot live without? This article will discuss exactly that, beginning with isoleucine. 


Isoleucine is responsible for various roles in the body, including wound healing, immune function, secretion of numerous hormones, and more. 


Lysine contributes to proper growth in the body. Therefore, it’s essential in teens and young children, but also adults, too. This amino acid also helps lower cholesterol and is necessary for good overall health. 


Valine is responsible for muscle growth and repair, also endurance, energy levels, and other similar roles throughout the body. This can be found in foods such as mushrooms, vegetables, dairy, cheese, nuts, and other foods.


Methionine’s main role is general cell function, also treating liver disorders, further improving wound healing (like isoleucine), and even increasing the acidity of urine. 


Phenylalanine is used to produce proteins and various other molecules. This amino acid has been extensively studied in relation to mental health, depression, and even different skin disorders. 


The amino acid threonine is responsible for the production of collagen, elastin, and muscle tissue. 


Tryptophan helps the body create proteins and various brain-signaling chemicals, including the hormone serotonin, which is crucial for our happiness, but also sleeping, eating, and even digestion – it’s a very important hormone and amino acid. 


Finally, we have histidine. This amino acid is crucial when it comes to creating various proteins and enzymes in the body. Histidine can be found in foods such as nuts, seeds, and fish.

To conclude

In total, there are nine essential amino acids which we need to maintain proper bodily functions. Each of these can be obtained through a balanced diet, including eating foods such as fish, nuts, cheese, other dairy products, and so forth. 

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