About Advanced ChemTech

Advanced ChemTech is a well-known provider of fine chemicals to the research and pharmaceutical market, manufacturing and selling raw materials for production of peptides, and offering contract custom peptide synthesis.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Advanced ChemTech’s world headquarters is located at 5609 Fern Valley Road. This 35,000 square foot facility contains laboratories, a scale-up plant, GLP unit and offices.




To continuously improve the quality of life through innovations in science. Ensuring delivery time, product quality and overall customer experience surpass our competition.


Serving scientists and manufacturers by providing life science chemicals and equipment for drug discovery and manufacturing.


With over three decades of experience in peptide synthesis and related synthesis instrumentations, Advanced ChemTech has the expertise to offer the highest-quality amino acids, resins for solid phase synthesis, coupling reagents and custom peptide synthesis service. Our dedicated scientists are well-versed in synthetic organic chemistry within both solid and solution phases. Advanced ChemTech continues to improve its state-of-the-art techniques and methods in process and analysis. With Advanced ChemTech, you are working with experts in the field of peptide manufacturing.

Amino Acids: Advanced ChemTech supplies Fmoc-, Boc- or Z-protected amino acids, natural or unnatural, in very high quality. With very high standard and strict specifications, we minimize the impurities in the raw material to avoid the diminish of yields and purities in the finished peptide products. With expertise in both stereo-selective and stereo-specific synthesis strategies, Advanced ChemTech has huge capability of manufacturing chiral products for synthesis of peptides that contain unusual amino acid residues.

Resins: Advanced ChemTech provides all kinds of resins as the solid support for peptide synthesis or other organic chemistry. Both base resins and pre-loaded resins are available in various substitution levels, mesh sizes, cross-linking percentage and modifications.

Coupling Reagents: High quality coupling reagents play a very important role in peptide synthesis due to the fact that they are directly related to the coupling efficiency. High quality coupling reagents and additives would assist the coupling rate and suppress the racemization of amino acid residues, enabling a purer crude peptide to be produced, and thus facilitate the further purification and lower the overall production cost.. Advanced ChemTech carries various kinds of high quality coupling reagents in stock to meet your peptides synthesis requirements.

Custom Peptide Synthesis: Advanced ChemTech offers flexible and economic peptide synthesis services for both solid and solution phase, including the use of uncommon and modified amino acids manufactured on site. Peptides are delivered in your choice of configurations, modifications and purity including MAP’s, cyclization, phosphorylation, acetylation, biotinylation, and succinylation. Scales range from milligram to muti-gram quantities. All peptides include HPLC and Mass spectrometric analyses, other analyses isavailable upon request. Our dedicated team of synthesis chemists and purification experts proficiently handle all types of peptides, from the simplest to the most complex. Regardless of your requirements, from discovery stage to cleanroom services, Advanced ChemTech has the capabilities and facilities to meet your peptide production needs.