FloraChol® Synthetic Cholesterol, 99%; Plant-derived, non-animal origin

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Florachol, derived from plants, guarantees a dependable and steady source of synthetic cholesterol. Advanced Chemtech manufactures various grades of Florachol tailored to meet the unique demands of injectable drug delivery, biopharmaceutical cell culture applications, research and development activities and personal care applications.

  • Non-Animal Origin
  • Continuity of Supply
  • Consistent Material Quality
  • USA Manufactured
  • Cost Savings
  • Supply Chain Transparency 

Cholesterol is the go-to choice for nucleic acid therapeutics as this material plays a vital role as a functional component in parenteral mRNA-based drug delivery systems. Embedded within the lipid nanoparticle cholesterol safeguards the mRNA, orchestrates drug release, boosts the formulation’s cell membrane penetration capabilities, and delivers stability.

Florachol, manufactured by Advanced ChemTech, stands out as a high-purity cholesterol sourced from plants, tailor-made for biopharmaceutical applications. This ultra-low endotoxin cholesterol serves as a top-tier alternative to conventional animal-derived cholesterol, meeting USP-NF and Ph.Eur standards.

Enhancing cell culture outcomes often hinges on the strategic addition of cholesterol to the culture medium. For chemically defined culture media free from fetal bovine serum (FBS) and natural lipids, cholesterol becomes a pivotal component, fostering improved cell growth, heightened protein production, enhanced virus production, and increased virus infectivity.

Advanced ChemTech’s Florachol is an exceptionally pure cholesterol derived from non-animal sources, tried and tested in cell culture media and supplement formulations. Florachol seamlessly integrates into a wide spectrum of cell lines, including NS0 for protein production, insect cell line cultures, and packaging cell lines for virus production. Beyond delivering a consistently pure product, Advanced ChemTech also offers product support and unparalleled customer service.


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Catalog Number A0190003
Chemical Structure
CAS Number 57-88-5
Molecular Weight 386.65 g/mol
Formula C27H46O
Synonym Cholesterol; 5-Cholesten-3β-ol; 3β-Hydroxy-5