What Jobs Include the Use of Chemistry?

Chemistry is involved in many, many different jobs across the world, some of which you may never have realized. For example, it is essential for the production of food, pharmaceutical drugs, forensic science, and even the manufacturing of clothing items.

We often fail to realize just how important chemistry is. However, for those currently studying chemistry or looking to study this in the future, or if you already have a degree in the field, then you’re involved in a massive and ever-expanding industry.

This short blog post will highlight several different jobs that rely on chemistry, perhaps a line of work you may be interested in, or at the very least, providing useful insight into different roles and how the application of chemistry is involved.

Chemistry is involved in the production of food 

To begin with, chemicals and chemistry are used for the production of food, involved from everything including food preservation, taste, and packaging. Without chemistry, food safety guidelines would be non-existent, food would potentially spoil much sooner, and the packing of the food would be greater harmful to the environment (a cause which is currently being worked on as we speak). 

Forensic scientist 

The role of a forensic scientist involves providing evidence to support a court of law, whether in support of the defense or the prosecution. This is likely to involve an analysis of fingerprints, tire marks, hair, bodily fluids, and even glass and other material/object fragments. 

Substances are analyzed in chemistry to support or defend a case, sometimes reconstructing crime scenes and supporting larger investigations. 


Pharmacologists are responsible for understanding, improving, and analyzing current medicines and how the body reacts to these. For instance, you may look at the particular side-effects of a given drug, using chemistry to understand this, and perhaps coming up with a new solution or compound to minimize or eliminate these side-effects entirely. 

This is more of an obvious job, but nonetheless still a very important one!

Biotechnologistists use chemistry too!

Finally, we have the role of a biotechnologist. A biotechnologist is a fancy word for developing new products to better human life. For example, chemistry could be used to better understand pollution, medical and health, or even diseases from certain animals such as fish.

The role of chemistry is vast, involved in several different industries, all of which share a common goal: to help us better understand the world.

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