What Kind of Work Does a Chemical Engineer Do?

If you’re considering studying engineering, you may be surprised about how many different pathways you can choose either after graduation or once you choose to specialize. For example, one of these is chemical engineering. However, many people are a little unsure as to what a chemical engineer actually does.

Therefore, this article aims to explain this role in more detail, hopefully helping you make a career or study decision or perhaps answering the query you’ve also wondered the answer to. 

Research and develop new products 

For starters, many chemical engineers are responsible for researching, developing, and improving products across various industries, whether this is within the food manufacturing industry or something more “chemical,” such as gas production. 

This type of engineer can be found in many different industries and businesses, even those you’d least expect. 

Turning raw materials into useful products

Second, chemical engineers focus on turning raw materials, including chemicals, into everyday usable products, including the clothes we wear on our backs, the food we eat, measures we put in place to protect the environment, and more.

In short, this type of engineer is involved in the creation and design of many, many different products. 

Environmental regulation 

As you progress through the ranks of a chemical engineer, you may gain the opportunity to focus on environmental regulation. This focuses on reducing the environmental impact of chemicals, while also coming up with solutions to help combat climate change and other environmental concerns.

In this role and other engineer roles, you are likely to be involved in the development of new substances and materials, creating real change, and providing solutions to everyday problems.

The bottom line 

The role of a chemical engineer is perhaps a little different from what you initially thought. Many people seem to think that this type of engineer spends all day in a lab analyzing proteins and other amino acids. However, while this is somewhat true, chemical engineers are involved in many different aspects of several different industries.

It is worth mentioning that to become a chemical engineer; you will need to attend University, perhaps later specializing in the chemical side of engineering in further education, too.

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